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XYMOGEN’s Exclusive Professional Formulas are available through select licensed health care professionals. The Internet sale and discounting of XYMOGEN formulas are strictly prohibited. Straight Nutrition makes XYMOGEN formulas available only to patients of our clinic. If you are a patient of Straight Nutrition, you may shop in our Whole Scripts Store.


An authorized FirstLine Therapy® practitioner with Metagenics™. What is FirstLine Therapy? A personalized lifestyle nutritional program centered on therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) such as healthy nutrition, nutritional products, exercise, and stress management. Save 20% on your first order and 10% everyday thereafter in our Metagenics Store.


An authorized Science-Based Nutrition™ health care practitioner with Science-Based Nutrition™.  Our natural health solutions are based on scientific and objective testing including blood, urine and hair. The Science Based Nutrition™ report provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and dysfunction identified from the test results.

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An authorized Hormone Balancing practitioner with Sabre Sciences™.  Sabre Sciences, Inc. has consistently been on the cutting edge of the growing field of Endocrinology, bringing safe and effective alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) through All Natural Balancing.

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A professional member in good standing of National Association of Nutritional Professionals. NANP’s MISSION is to unify their nutrition profession, educate and serve our members and protect the holistic nutrition professional’s right to practice. We aim to accomplish this by building integrity and credibility through a national certification process based on high educational standards and a rigorous code of ethics. NANP was originally founded in 1985 as the Society of Certified Nutritionists, and relies on financial support through professional and student membership dues, and by sponsorships from organizations dedicated to the principles of holistic health and education. The NANP is the only professional business league, wholly dedicated to furthering the cause, education and standards of the holistic nutrition industry. They have developed two rigorous sets of Educational Standards for both Nutrition Consultants and Natural Chefs. Every school that appears on their Recommended Educational Programs page has applied for and participated in a thorough review process.


League of Chiropractic Women

Friends of Fallbrook

Friends of Fallbrook

Straight Nutrition is supported by the following independent labs and natural health manufacturers  who offer the science-based testing needed to make educated decisions about the nutritional needs of each client. Through these independent labs and manufacturers we offer full lines of professional quality nutrition products specifically designed to support the body’s needs. When coupled with the proper diet and lifestyle change recommendations, you can live abundant and free. Our goal is to offer a total system (products and meal plans) that are dedicated to helping clients achieve balance, vigor and longevity. Doctors Data, Douglas Labs, Enzymatic Therapy, Integrative Therapeutics, Klean Athlete, Longevity Plus, Med-Chem Labs, Nordic Naturals, OrthoMolecular Nutrition, Pharmax, Progressive Labs, Sabre Sciences, Science Based Nutrition™, Sun Chlorella, Xymogen and others. Let us come along side of you and lend a helping hand.

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