Your Testimonial Is Important – Please Share

Your Testimonial Is Important – Please Share

We are seeking testimonials from our clients. We’d love to hear from you about your experience with our services. Here is an example:

“I have so appreciated the information I received from doing the Science Based Nutrition analysis. Debi has helped me understand my results, and helped me select appropriate supplements to address my areas of need. I have been following the recommendations based on the analysis for two months and have lost a total of 25 pounds.


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You Decide

When we arrange custom panels for you, we enter your custom panel total due so you can pay for our products and services securely.
You will be asked to set up an account with us and will have the option of securely saving your credit card. We do not share your information.

We value you… Your Vitality Is Our Success~!

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Symptom Survey

Symptom Survey

At Straight Nutrition, everything starts with the Symptom Survey Fill out our Symptom Survey… It’s FREE~!

Having a hard time sorting through all the marketing, companies and products? Is the marketing better than the product? Having trouble sorting through the mirage of nutritional studies and testimonial claim? You are NOT ALONE~!

If you are having symptoms that are driving you crazy and want to know if there is a simple thing you can do?  This is what we call a “bandage” approach to balancing your health. Chasing symptoms can get you relief when you get the right product and straighten out your diet.  Don’t have the time to commit to a total body balancing?  Tell us what you are experiencing and we’ll make dietary and supplement recommendations.  Although we believe that total body balancing gets you the BEST DESIRED results, we also know that economics can play a role in your health.

This is our most affordable nutritional consulting choice! Don’t let finances stop you from achieving your goals! IT”S FREE~!

Of course, don’t forget that YOUR BEST RESULTS come from a Total Body Balancing approach that we offer through one our testing panels.  If your body is holding heavy toxic metals and is not being supported by the essential nutrients that it needs, you are operating in deficiency.  Let me recommend that you start with a baseline by knowing where your body is.  Stop guessing and let your body tell you where it’s out of balance!  YOUR BODY doesn’t lie.  You deserve the best!  Order your Science-Based Nutrition panel today.

“The body’s response is correct to its condition!” Van Merkle DC

Not ready and just need a little relief?  No problem!

Simple as 1, 2 3~!

  1. Fill our our symptom survey… be sure and add your medications
  2. We make professional quality product recommendations that support your concerns
  3. You select from any of our product recommendations to nutritionally support your health

Need a quick relief?… take a symptom survey.

Fill out our Symptom Survey… It’s FREE~!

Then email us to set up an appointment at


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Hormone Rejuvenation

Hormone Rejuvenation

Hormone Rejuvenation

If you’re having headaches, hot flashes, sleep issues or acne, this rejuvenation is for you. Hormones are the building blocks in your body and fuel the system. With estrogens, there can  be an increase for cancer. Feed your hormones with the nutrients they need to thrive naturally. Don’t hurt yourself or increase your disease risks.  Rejuvenate your hormones.

Rejuvenate Your BodyGet started today!

Your body’s response is correct to its condition.

Straight Nutrition’s hormone rejuvenation program is all about nutritionally balancing the hormones that are naturally produced in our bodies. This imbalance can affect our energy production, muscles and joints, bone and immune system health, sleep quality, skin regeneration, and thyroid function.

We suffer from a lot of stress in our lives. This stress puts our bodies under significant pressure, resulting in our body stealing from the conservation of sex hormones it needs to survive. We tend to eat on the run, ignoring the essential nutrients our bodies need. The result of this neglect is a lack of cholesterol that our bodies need in order to synthesize the steroid (sex) hormones.

One way we test for these imbalances is through the use of salivary testing. This system has made it possible to scientifically identify the areas of concern and categorize them as three easy steps to metabolic balance and overall well-being.

Our system is simple. The guess work that helps achieve a healthier lifestyle is gone. We can  customize this test because we can capture an actual circadian hormonal screening and custom formulate transdermal cremes with YOUR NAME on it! We call these steps – BASELINE-BALANCE-RESULT.

Our custom cremes are the first all natural, nutritional endocrine support cremes that combine all the elements necessary to support a rational endocrine program. Designed to deliver a potent yet responsible (safe) dose of several important factors, custom cremes help the body attain optimally balanced hormonal levels.

Who should be tested for hormone levels?


Women experiencing PMS symptoms that may be related to a hormonal imbalance.

Pre and Postmenopause

Pre and Postmenopausal women concerned with their estradiol and progesterone levels for replacement considerations.

Replacement Therapy Patients

Those wishing to monitor their hormone levels following replacement therapy (oral, sublingual or topical), and subsequently regulate their supplements levels.


Men concerned with their sexual drive and testosterone levels.

Sleep Disorders

Those with sleep disorders that wish to know their natural melatonin levels.

Stress Related Disorders

Those with stress related disorders, fatigue, depression, and immune weakness.


Teenagers struggling with acne.

Decreasing Hormone Levels

Anyone concerned about decreasing hormone levels.

Indicators for Hormonal Imbalances

Chronic stress and related health problems

Lack of vitality and energy

Muscle and joint pain

Migraine headaches


Sleep disturbances

Poor memory

Alcohol intolerance

Stress maladaptation

Low sex drive

Low body temperature


Baseline Endocrine Salivary Testing

Saliva collection is simple and non-invasive. It can be performed in the privacy of your home.  The sample is sent by mail to our laboratory.  The results will be sent to Straight Nutrition within 14 working days following receipt of the sample.  The samples require no special handling for shipment. There are specific Salivary Testing Panels available for cycling women, non-cycling women, men, and retesting.

Included in the price of your panel is a findings consultation that will be scheduled after we receive your test. The consultation will include your baseline finding, meal plan, and what custom cremes and other supplementation will be needed for nutritional balance.

Our labs custom formulate individualized nutritional crèmes that utilize natural ingredients and do not contain parabens. A cream supplement is easily to use and delivered more effectively than by oral delivery.

Read More About Stress, Adrenal Stress Response, Neurotransmitters and Hormones: (click links below)

Stress And Chronic Illness


Rejuvenate Your BodyGet started today!

April 29, 2011

Science Based Nutrition ™ Services

Science Based Nutrition ™ Services

Science Based Nutrition ™ Service

Many problems are identified in the blood long before you actually experience symptoms. Beginning with a comprehensive blood test, we perform an in-depth analysis of your total body system.

It’s not brain surgery, it’s just Straight Nutrition! Instead of saying, “Here, take this drug”, we say, “Eat this food and take these supplements”.

We have been members of Science Based Nutrition™ since 2006 and are authorized Science Based Nutrition™ service providers.

Our job is to get you into Vitality.

Our Science Based Nutrition ™ is the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available today. Below are some of the key features that set us apart from others:

Supplement Recommendations

Individualized supplement recommendations with dosages specific to test findings like age, sex, and weight

Drug Side Effects

Correlation of drug side effects with patient test finding

Meal Plans + Recipes

Dietary recommendations with meal plans and recipes

Result Comparisons

Compare current and previous test results

Multiple Factors

Incorporate multiple factors for each condition including symptoms, medications, blood tests, hair tests, chelation and urine tests

Our clinical nutrition program offers natural options for the diagnosis given to you by your doctor. Where ever you are located we can serve you in person or on the phone.

Our natural health solutions are based on scientific and objective testing including blood, urine and hair. Our Electronic Vitality Report (EVR) provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health based on imbalances and dysfunction identified from the test results. This Report is Exclusively Customized to You based on YOUR Body’s Test Results~!

The Science Based Nutrition ™ Service Includes:

  • Provide us with your name, address, email and birthdate and we will send you a link to our HIPAA secure Symptom Survey.
  • Labcorp, Inc. draws blood and takes a hair sample to send to Doctor’s Data, Inc.
  • Urine tests are done in the lab and our stool test is done in the privacy of YOUR home.
  • A report of nutritional findings, meal-planning, and customized nutritional supplementation suggestions are discussed in person or on the phone.
  • Make your Free Symptom Survey Appointment

Sample Electronic Science Based Nutrition ™ Reports

Start with your Baseline Science Based Nutrition ™ Report Today

First Visits

EVR Blood, Hair, Urine and Stool includes intake and report of findings consultations

EVR Blood and Hair includes intake and report of findings consultations
EVR Blood ONLY includes intake and report of findings consultations

RETEST with Report of Findings

EVR Retest Blood and Hair (six months)

EVR Retest Blood (every two months) includes symptom survey intake and report of findings consultations 

MAILED RETESTS (3rd and thereafter)

EVR hair and blood retest includes symptom survey intake and mailed report

EVR blood retest includes symptom survey intake and mailed report


We have been members of Science Based Nutrition™ since 2006 and are authorized Science Based Nutrition™ service providers.

April 26, 2011

Perfect Eating Day (PED) Nutritional Consultation

There’s NO TESTING here… When your car isn’t running right, you take it in for a tune-up and change the oil, make sure there’s enough water in your radiator, rotate the tires, etc.  So why wouldn’t you “refresh” your body?

By Popular Choice… see your nutritionist today!  

Let’s get to work – Intake and “Perfect Eating Day” Consultation 

Let’s get to work – Six-Pack


April 26, 2011

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