Allergy Testing

The way your body reacts to certain foods can be a sign of food allergies and those allergies can contribute to many health conditions. Allergies can worsen overtime. Regardless of your age they can severely impact your quality of life. With a simple finger stick, Straight Nutrition’s, Bloodspot IgG4 Food Antibodies Profile offers a non-invasive alternative to determining your food reactions.

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The Profile Will

  • Determine your responses to 30 different foods
  • Categorize the severity of your food allergy: borderline, mild, moderate, or severe

Get started with your test today by visiting our partner Genova Diagnostics. Once there you’ll order the “Allergy Test – 30 Blood Spot”. An additional $210 consulting fee for the intake and report of findings consultations (includes interpretive fees) will be added to the cost of the test.

Straight Nutrition Allergy Profile

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Allergy Test FeaturesEasy follow-up testingDoes not require venipunctureCost-effectiveUse at homeSame precision and reproducibility as standard methods

Why the IgG food allergy test?

Straight Nutrition’s Food Antibody Profile measures your reactions to 30 commonly offending foods like milk, corn, wheat, eggs, and others. The allergy test will identify the foods causing reactions. This test will help us determine specific dietary changes and help you achieve positive outcomes sooner.

All the testing panels are ordered separate from our consulting fees. Set up an appointment today and receive your test kit.  If we do a report of findings, you will be billed $210 for both the intake and report of findings consultations (includes interpretive fees).

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Read and understand all about our allergy test.


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