Vitality Days

Nutritional Consultation

Do Your Patients Need Help With:

Straightening out the nutrients they put into their body?

Needing a custom eating plan to support health issues?

Selecting an alternative to drugs supplementation program?

Educational support to your patients in order to improve their daily nutrient intake for maximal nutritional vitality in their daily diet. We calculate your patients BMR, adjust up for exercise and down for weight loss and spread their net caloric intake over nine different food categories to determine their Perfect Eating Day (PED). This is a Modified Mediterranean Diet (modified as in reduced sugars).

A Vitality Day in your office where we will hold nutritional consultations for a discounted patient rate of $95. (On our website, these consultations are called The Perfect Eating Day (PED) and are regularly priced at $150.)

Option of further foundational testing (blood/hair) which will provide our signature Electronic Vitality Report (Science Based Nutrition). (Testing services provided by Labcorp.)

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