It Is Never Too Late To Create A Fresh Start

It Is Never Too Late To Create A Fresh Start

Any time of year can seem to be the WORST time for people to get serious about their health, and yet, for many, it is the BEST time of the year.  A very few have the motivation to accomplish DESIRABLE results, hence landing at the top of the new year feeling GREAT! And if you are one of those very few, you are one who ends up making strides while most others choose their demise.  That’s why we have NEW YEAR’S resolutions. New Years is behind us and today is the day to begin your Fresh Start because eating light and cutting the sugars pays great dividends.

When we run our Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis, we go through your report of findings with you (Zoom or phone meetings available) and not only go through the results of your testing, but also make an action plan that can start right away.   Many times, for health reasons, we ask people to “make a FRESH START” and we have several DIFFERENT FRESH START plans depending on the findings of your testing.

Today, we’re talking about the HIGHER PROTEIN version of our Fresh Start for TWO reasons.

  1. Many of our patients are athletes
  2. Many times, for healing, our bodies need a little extra protein


March 4, 2022 0

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